About Olympus Global Sports

cIn 1977, Continental Sports Supply (CSS) opened its doors to begin sporting goods distribution in the United States and North America. Since then, Continental has been the US and North American distributor for such brands as Reusch® Soccer, Erima™, Derby Star™, Ligne 7™, vici™, Ref Gear™, TeamGear™, Killer Volleyball™, Reusch SnowSports®, and many others.  In 2012, CSS will begin  ownership and distribution of Olympus® Rugby.
Rugby is the 2nd fastest-growing team sport in the US over the past 2 years. Its popularity around the world is gaining a solid foothold in the United States. Toward that end, CSS has recognized a need and an opportunity to service the US Rugby market with domestic-made  uniforms, (we manufacture all of our Olympus® jerseys on-site, using proprietary  materials and fabrics, constructed under our own quality control standards with our own sublimation processes on-premises)  hard-goods, and equipment.

We hope you will enjoy our new catalog, and more importantly, our new developments and offerings in  Rugby apparel and gear.  Following  closely on the heels of Rugby’s World Cup, we see continued growth and expansion of this unique and wonderful sport on US soil, and hope that we may service your Rugby needs in the near future and for as long as you play.